The first recordings from Golden Veins won’t be released as a traditional album, but will instead take the form of a year-long digital project dubbed the "Golden Veins Singles Club". Every month, a new “digital 45” will be released, featuring two brand-new songs as well as a remix of the a-side.

In addition to purchasing singles individually, there are also four membership options available, which offer additional bonus materials and merchandise.

Option one ($10) consists of a new digital single every month for 12 months.
Option two ($20) consists of digital singles plus 8 limited edition cassettes.
Option three (limited time price of $45) consists of digital singles, cassettes, and 2 limited edition 12" LPs.
Option four (limited time price of $55) consists of digital singles, cassettes,
2 LPs, art prints, t-shirt, admission to a show, and a personalized Golden Veins track.

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To hear what you're getting into...
Listen to the Aural Teaser Trailers for the first six singles!

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